About Us

Azure House is a natural Therapies center and retail store that prides itself in offering quality natural healing therapies and energy healing options that work well alongside modern healing techniques to .

Founded by a passionate group of local women who sought to provide the region with a natural healing centre and place for learning more about alternate therapies like crystaline healing and Reiki. After much deliberation Azure House was formed from their combined vision of an Alternate Therapies Healing Centre that was open to all.

Energy Healing Australia

Energy Healing, once considered a "NEW AGE" practice is now becoming a mainstream concept as more and more people are now looking for ways to aid the body in healing itself without harsh cemical side effects.

The link between High stress and illness is well documented, as stress inhibits the bodies ability to heal itself and function the way it should.

By using energy terapies the body is rid of negative blocks and energy build up caused by stress and other life factors, to aid the normal body systems and enable the body to heal itself without interfeering in modern medical treatments.