Azure House Online Accademy


Very soon Azure House will be launching their online accademy with a great selection of available online courses and mini courses that you can complete in your own time from the comfort of your own home.

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Introduction to Chakras


Launch Date September 15th 2015


Price: $29.95


This course will be an beginner level course introducing you to your bodies chakra systems and guiding you through some basic techniques for activating and caring for your chakras.


This Course is suitable for people new with working with energies and their Chakras and is a good Starting Course for people wanting to learn more about their own energies and Chakras.

Chakra Healing Course


Launch Date September 29th 2015


Price: $49.95


This is a more indepth course looking at working with the subtle energies of a persons body and treating specific Chakras for promoting healing in the energetic bodies of a person.


It is recomended that you have a working knowledge of the chakras and the energetic body or have completed the Introduction to Chakras course before attempting this course.

Crystal Mini Courses


Coming Soon


Price: $2.95


These mini Courses are designed to provide you with insight into the attributes and some of the ways to use specific Crystals and each mini Course will include a printable flyer on the selected crystals.


The first four crystal mini Courses to be launched will be

-Rose Quartz                                       -Blue Kyanite

-Carnelian                                            -Selenite