Carnelian a beautiful red to orange toned stone that can vary from deep opaque to a striking striped stone.

Carnelians have long been associated with the Base and sacral Chakras as it is a stabilising stone with a very high energetic vibration, and is often used for harnessing motivation and vitality.

Carnelian helps you to trust yourself and make positive life choices increasing concentration and helping you to release anger and emotional negativity in a healthy way for you....

when meditating place Carnelian in your lap to help overcome extraneous thoughts and overcome negative conditioning.

other uses for Carnelian
-assists to increase analytical abilities
-eases the emotional tension that causes Headaches
-excellent for people with Rheumatism and arthritis
-supports the female and male reproductive systems
-anchors you to present reality and helps with acceptance

There is a lot more this beautiful stone is used for this is just the beginning
All information is not intended as diagnosis or treatment all properties are metaphysical in nature and results will vary from person to person

Carnelian Tumble Stone